3 Massive Challenges for Recruiters in the Tech Space — and How to Overcome Them

3 Massive Challenges for Recruiters in the Tech Space — and How to Overcome Them

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It’s tough being a recruiter in the tech space right now. Hiring employees in the social-distancing, mask-wearing, stay-at-home era presents challenges, like when Zoom freezes during an interview or the need to adhere to ever-changing workplace safety regulations. Hopefully, 2021 will be a better year for everyone, but tech recruitment problems will persist long after the coronavirus pandemic ends. These issues have endured for a while now, but it’s simple to solve them.

There's a Tech Skills Shortage

#1 There’s a Tech Skills Shortage


Tech companies could lose billions of dollars in revenue because of a lack of job candidates with the required skill sets. The IT, data analytics, and web design sectors, in particular, are most likely to experience financial disruption because of this skills gap, according to a recent study


The pandemic has exacerbated the problem. As more people work from home, there’s an ever-greater requirement for new tech — infrastructure, software, and apps that help workers adapt to the “new normal.” However, as tech organizations increase their reach, there aren’t enough qualified candidates to fill new positions. 


Or so it seems.


What’s the Solution?

Candidates with IT, network security, cloud, telecom, and other tech skills are always in demand, but few recruiters look in the right places for them. Even fewer know how to engage with top tech talent. Working with a technology recruitment specialist provides a solution. A specialist handles all the tasks associated with talent acquisition, from sourcing to screening suitable candidates. With access to a larger pool of talent, these specialists find an accurate fit for your organization. 

Tech Workers Don't Hang Around for Long

#2 Tech Workers Don’t Hang Around for Long


Tech has an extremely high employee attrition rate, currently standing at 13.2 percent — the highest of any business sector. Workers jump ship for all kinds of reasons, but in-demand employees, who harbor no loyalty to their employer, often leave to work for a competitor.


What’s the Solution?

Finding qualified candidates with IT, cloud, network security, and other in-demand skills is one challenge. Keeping these employees is just as tricky. It’s important to recognize that retention often starts with recruiting the right people. That means hiring incredible people who stick with your organization and go the distance. Working with a reputable tech recruitment specialist helps you find a suitable long-term fit. 

Few Recruiters in the Tech Space Screen Candidates Properly

#3 Few Recruiters in the Tech Space Screen Candidates Properly


Candidate screening is, perhaps, the most critical component of the recruitment process, but busy recruiters often skip this step, causing future problems. Seventy percent of employers check candidates’ social media profiles, but few of them delve deeper than this, making it too easy for tech applicants to get jobs based on an inflated resume and successful interview.


Failing to screen candidates properly proves detrimental for tech recruiters, affecting productivity, profitability, and performance across the organization. Screening candidates correctly determines whether someone will be a good fit based on her experience, accomplishments, and qualifications. 


What’s the Solution?

Tech recruitment specialists have an overwhelming amount of experience with candidate screening, verifying all claims on applications and resumes. That lessens the load of recruiters and provides managers with much-needed peace of mind. 


Final Word

There are two kinds of recruitment problems in the tech space right now: COVID- and non-COVID-related problems. The issues listed above have little to do with the pandemic and will exist for some time, but recruiters in the tech space can overcome them. Hiring a tech recruitment specialist helps you navigate the current skills shortage, reduce employee attrition, and verify all candidates. The result? A better tech team in your organization. It’s that simple.


Do you want to hire (and keep!) the world’s best tech talent? Locus Recruiting provides an IT talent identification and retention solution based on your business requirements. Learn more about this experienced tech recruitment specialist.


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