Consulting Vs Staffing – Which is Best?

Consulting Vs Staffing - Which is Best

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Ever thought, “what is the difference between consulting and staffing firms?” When you run a company that relies on staff to operate, it can be incredibly disruptive if a team member leaves suddenly, or if you have a position that you need to be filled. Obviously, you want to fill the opening as quickly as possible so you can maintain business as usual—but you also want to ensure that you take the time to hire the absolute best available candidate. So, what do you do when you’re in that “in-between period”?

Fortunately, you don’t need to leave your business unmanned or languishing. Instead, you can rely on a staffing resource like a consulting firm or a staffing firm to help provide you with the support you need while you’re working to make a new hire. Are you currently wondering: “What is the difference between staffing and consulting?” If so, then read on. We can help you make an informed decision about whether a staffing company or a consulting company is right for you, or whether you should try something totally different.

Consulting Vs Staffing - Which is Best?

Differences Between Consulting and Staffing in Levels of Expertise

The most fundamental difference between workers provided by a consulting firm and those provided by a staffing firm is that workers from consulting companies are extremely knowledgeable about whatever field they’d be working in. When hiring individuals from a consulting firm, you can trust that their level of knowledge and skill will actually come in handy while they’re in your workplace. While staffing agencies often have large rosters of available workers, the workers differ in that they need not be subject matter experts in an industry, or necessarily knowledgeable about a field they’re working in at all. Temporary (or long-term) hires from staffing firms tend to be more useful for administrative and general support than anything related to a specific field.

Differences Between Consulting and Staffing in Price

When you hire a consulting firm to fill your staff vacancy, you get a high quality of workers. In turn, you can expect to pay a high price for their services. At the same time, staffing firms tend to provide low-level candidates who may lack knowledge in your industry. However, they are a much more affordable option than consulting firms. So staffing firms might be helpful for small businesses who are just starting out, or those who don’t have any extra wiggle room in their budget to bring in an expensive specialist.

Consulting Vs Staffing - Which is Best?

Consulting or Staffing: How to Pick

If you run a tech business and think you might want to rely on a staffing or consulting agency to help you add people to your team, consider the following factors:

  1. Do you need a tech expert, or do you just need someone to help out around the office? 

If you’re looking for specialized knowledge, a staffing company might not be the right resource for you.

      2. How much money do you have in your budget? 

If you can afford to hire an expensive team member, you may consider using a consultant. If you don’t have any extra room, you may only be able to afford someone from a staffing company.

       3. Are you considering keeping this person long-term? 

If so, staffing agencies tend to be able to provide companies with hires that are interested in and willing to stick around. Consultants, by nature, work from project to project, so they’re not a good choice if you’re looking for someone who might become permanent.

        4. Not Sure Which Type of Firm is Right for You? 

Consider Locus Recruiting

At the end of the day, if you run a tech company and are looking for help with staffing, consulting firms can provide you incredibly gifted experts who can actually do the work you need done. 

However, hiring a standout consultant can be prohibitively expensive. Alternatively, a staffing agency is a more affordable option, but candidates from staffing firms tend to lack specialized or in-depth technical knowledge. Paying a staffing firm may not be the wisest way to use funds when you need more real help in-house, even though they charge lower fees than consultants.

Alternatively, if you are looking for a worker to come on board at your company, and you want to rely on a resource that offers the high-quality candidates of a consulting firm at the low cost of a staffing agency, consider using a company like Locus Recruiting. Locus Recruiting is a tech recruiting firm that specializes in finding just the right team members for any business in the tech industry. 


Locus Recruiting

At Locus, we fill the gap that exists right in between staffing and consulting. Our team is filled with former top-tier consultants and tech experts who have the know-how they need, but we don’t charge Big 10 or Big 4 consulting firm prices. When you hire with Locus, you can ensure you’re getting support from someone who understands what you do, and who can actually contribute (without causing you to go bankrupt).

To learn more about how we may be able to help your business, check out our website today, or get in touch with us to learn how we may be able to help your business operate and grow.


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