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Cybersecurity breaches have become the biggest threat to the health and longevity of modern businesses – especially online businesses, increasing the need for accurate IT security recruiting. But preventing security breaches and data mismanagement is much easier said than done without an IT specialist involved. With companies like FedEx, several US universities, and even the town of Atlanta, Georgia falling victim to ransomware attacks over the past few years, it’s clear that no organization is immune. IT recruiters play a pivotal role in connecting organizations with the most qualified candidates possible.

Fast & Accurate IT Security Recruiting

IT Security in 2021 

In a post-pandemic world, cybersecurity threats are evolving quickly, leaving businesses no room for vulnerabilities. It’s estimated that as of this year, ransomware attacks are now costing $6 trillion per year (at least $75 billion of which comes from businesses).

There are several ways cybercriminals are exploiting infrastructural weaknesses. Some are selling stolen data, using private information to blackmail victims, or creating fallacious documents to trick internet users out of their personal information. As hacking techniques become more sophisticated, IT recruiters are quickly stepping up their game to help businesses fortify their infrastructures.

Protect Sensitive Company Data

Keeping your company data secure requires many critical tasks. This includes safeguarding passwords, setting up malware protection, updating software, and disposing of data correctly, just to name a few.

As companies grow, hire new employees, and generate more revenue, the potential for mistakes increases. The most pressing question becomes: How secure is your data? And the answer isn’t always straightforward. With so many ways to circumvent a firewall, simply putting a perimeter around your data is no longer enough. IT security recruiting specialists recognize this and offer candidates to help you take your security efforts further.

Strengthen Your Infrastructure

Fortifying a secure network is more than just encrypting passwords and installing the latest apps. It requires a company culture that operates within a set of safety protocols designed for data health.

Experienced IT recruiters know that IT talent must be able to outpace today’s cyber threats. This means being proactive and strengthening your infrastructure well before anything goes wrong. This often requires planning and orchestration across departments.

With so many other business-critical tasks to manage, even companies with in-house IT professionals can be in over their heads. And while many companies are outsourcing IT security, 45% of these businesses report worrying about more impersonal cloud-based services not being safe enough. IT recruiters provide a more personalized experience in helping companies locate the right talent.

Fast & Accurate IT Security Recruiting

IT Security Recruiting Services

“Security isn’t something you buy, it’s something you do, and it takes talented people to do it right.” – John Opdenakker

When implementing security measures, most people aren’t sure where to begin. Thankfully, there are several avenues you can take for a better computer system.

Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (GRC) is one area to pay attention to. In the early days of the internet, there was far less data to manage. Today, companies can’t get by without GRC, a set of tools that enables leaders to observe regulation, policies, and potential problems. GRC helps you manage wide-scale operations, assess risks accurately, and ensure government compliance.

Incident Response and Remediation is another invaluable IT service that allows you to get up and running quickly after an incident, preventing further complications and revenue loss. Studies show businesses are losing upwards of $50,000 an hour in downtime after security breaches.

Penetration Testing is a revealing exercise in which IT professionals search for weaknesses in your company’s computer system. By identifying these areas of vulnerability, IT security recruiting experts match you with people who can strengthen them.

Engineering and Architecture helps companies adapt their software to the demands of the business environment. Working with IT security recruiting specialists who understand the latest IT architectural designs is the best way to gain control in this area. Locus offers both compliance-based solutions and vendor-driven technologies to businesses that want continual monitoring and upgraded security.

Get Started with IT Security Recruiting Services

There’s never been a better time to be proactive about your company’s digital security. Whether you’ve already experienced a security incident or you’re looking to be proactive, IT recruiters can guide you in discovering what services you need.

Locus is a team of highly experienced IT security recruiting specialists who match companies with top IT talent.

Unlike many recruiters, Locus focuses solely in the realm of information security, cloud computing, and networking and infrastructure. If you are struggling with talent scarcity, company growth overwhelm, or the rising cost of onboarding and recruiting, Locus helps automate IT security recruiting. Find a professional that meets your needs.


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